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            The Meat Locker is a super efficient vertical style insulated barbeque smoker. Each Meat Locker is handcrafted by master fabricators, no junk here. The Meat Locker has a very attractive finish on the ouside as you can see from the pictures, but the thing that attracts buyers to the Meat Locker is Ease of Use.

 The Meat Locker uses lump charcoal as its primary fuel. This unit is so efficient that it burns only appr 1lb of lump charcoal per hour @ 230 degrees. It has a water pan between the fire and meat for true indirect cooking. The water makes for a moist environment in the chamber aiding in temperature regulation, easy cleanup, and most importantly Tender Barbeque.With a 10lb coal capacity you can cook for 10 hrs without re-loading!! That means the cook has more time to see Saturday's games or mingle with friends or family. All he has to worry about for 10 hrs is adjusting the damper occasionally and monitoring meat temp.

Another feature of the Meat Locker is the sheer cooking capacity relative to the footprint of the unit. The Meat Locker has 4-24x24 cooking racks for a whopping 2304in/sq of cooking surface in a mere 28x28 footprint (12-16 butts or 16 slabs loin back ribs).  No big eyesore in your backyard here. As a matter of fact, the Meat Locker looks so good it usually ends up being the conversation piece.

The bottom line is if you want a quality, competition or catering grade smoker for some serious barbeque at a Great Value, choose the Meat Locker. You will not be disapointed. You will be the talk of the neighborhood if you purchase the Meat Locker.







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